Only some key Web literacy skills are well represented in existing international learning frameworks.

In order to assess whether learners are on track to understand what they need to in a digital world, Mozilla researched the contents of eight influential global workforce and education frameworks, to see which essential Web literacy skills are already part of them – and which are missing.

Digital skills frameworks of the past focused on use of computers and basic software. For people working, learning and living in today’s world, they need to know how to search the Web and assess sources (included in all reviewed frameworks) and write basic code as well as understand how to navigate the Web (only sometimes included).

For a healthy Internet we need to set high standards for what people should learn to make the most of the online experience for themselves, their workplaces and societies.

Web literacy skills included in workforce and learning frameworks



Data source: Analysis of Mozilla’s Web Literacy Map and other Literacy Standards, Mozilla, 2017