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  1. Kay Coriell

    As a 91 year old internet user I wish that internet designers or innovators would remember that us older users have some trouble recalling names. And that applies to the name you might give an app or some special program that you have designed. If you use the initials only during your explanation, directions for use, or detailed info, you may find
    that you have lost us. I lost the words you used for AI! We need more help and guidance in using the internet and all computer use. We want to know, but find the speed of information comes too fast to absorb. Give us a break.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi there lovely Mozilla, I listened to your URL on Tech workers coming out on strike and what interested me most and has sparked this comment is the fact that some of these big Tech Co's unthinkingly and for profit only develope technology that if put into the wrong hands, invades our privacy, uses collected data to control individuals, groups and possibly even governments.
    The lates such developement I have heard about is speed up communications....all good and well, but 5G is microwaves....Micro waves heat things up...Our planet is heating up! AND 'they', via the likes of Elon Musk (whom I used to admire for his elec cars) are putting satelites into orbit to FLOOD the entire planet with microwaves. For better communication?
    Who is in control of all this? Who has decided it is safe?
    Apparently they have used the data from experiments made when microwaves were at 3G.
    5G is very, very much stronger...Are 'they' trying to cook the planet or are they just plain gung ho and stupid.
    Please Mozilla can you look into this a little for the sake of us all

  3. Anonymous

    There is something wrong with the loading of the Feedback page. Does not load right.

  4. Just Sayin'

    Why is the Feedback/Comments button Not on the Front Page and more easily accessible? It's like hidden.
    Why Not on The Front Page it would show respect and interest in what the readership has to say?

  5. Kim Stassel

    Ethical Journalist must seek out, and report on, The Truth no matter how difficult or unpleasant that might be.

    They must ensure the information they provide is accurate, whether that means cross-checking eyewitness accounts,
    doing independent research, or verifying a source's credibility.

    Journalism Code of Ethics.

  6. Health/Safety of the Internet

    Health and Safety of the Internet is impossible when you have Huge Multi-National Companies Like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Youtube and many other Companies that Develop and control Technology and can change it to meet their individual Agendas whenever they want.

    The sharing and control of Personal Information became a bargaining tool between These Companies and Government.

    These Companies Censor and Control the Narrative to Meet their own Political Agendas by Hampering Free Speech that they feel " Inappropriate " which can also threatens ones personal health and safety on the Internet
    and threatens America's Constitution Rights.

    Bottom Line is there is Nothing Safe on the changing Internet for long and the Overall Health is up the The People to Fight Back to preserve their Individual Constitutional Rights and Our Country's Freedoms.

    Prof. Golbe

  7. Kevin Kinsey

    Well, I finally found a place to "leave a comment".

    There are no easy answers here. For example, note this quandary: you note that European governments are taking steps to combat disinformation prior to elections.

    And then you complain later about Internet censorship, mostly by "countries" ... which are headed by governments.

    Now, they probably aren't the SAME countries as the ones mentioned earlier. But you can't laud censorship by one set of governments and complain about it from another set of governments, logically, by the data.

    You have to make value judgements. It's a multi-headed Hydra, to be sure.

    And you have to realize that the values you preach may not be the values others want to incorporate.

    It's hard to have a "free society", isn't it?

  8. Mr. Cross

    Already subscribed to the e-mail from mozilla but I have not been seeing the podcasts as much anymore. I hate to admit it but I have become to lazy to read unless it is personal. Don't get me wrong, the internet is my closest and most discreet personal friend. Yet I can do something else while I work or garden or anything. I might not agree with the opinions but I think it is going to be the ultimate interviewers platform if it is not already. I understand that this might look like a complaint versus a suggestion but I love what mozilla is doing and I wish that some day I can financially support something I believe in. I hope calling and e-mailing my states leaders will be enough.

  9. Anonymous

    JTM is right only half the story.

  10. Solana Larsen

    Hi Anonymous, we fixed the bug you found with only the first 10 articles showing. Thank you! Regarding your other comment, we decided to use cookies for the reading list to avoid (also privacy-minded) people having to register and create accounts. This was the simplest solution. The Pocket functionality you describe would indeed be nice. Best, Solana

  11. -V

    Stop pushing the Leftest Agenda on the Readership. It makes Firefox Look Bias and Very Agenda Driven. It is Offensive even to Liberals to insult their Intelligence with Bias Drivel.

    Note to Senior Editor: Choosing Objective Content and Reporting is a Responsibility of All Senior Editors and with the Criticized State of Journalism today it's More Important than Ever.

    Show some Integrity, Be Objective and Selective with the Articles


  12. Anonymous

    It seems that my reading list only exists as a cookie on my current browser. That's a bad idea IMHO, because what if (when) I want to continue reading on my phone? I lose the list. Also, as a privacy-minded user I delete all cookies on browser exit, and the report's domain is not on the whitelist.
    The "share" link does not really help here because it's not editable (I can't unmark an article after I've read it).
    It would be nice if sharing to Pocket would add all articles instead of adding a useless link to the reading list page.

  13. Anonymous

    The "my reading list" link ( and the shared link only show the first 10 articles. Looks like a bug to me.

  14. Julien Tremblay McLellan

    Why the short report easily accessible and promoted and the complete report no where to be seen?

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