Alek Tarkowski. Photo by Centrum Cyfrowe Foundation (CC BY 4.0).

Reading List

by Alek Tarkowski

Alek Tarkowski is a digital activist and strategist. He is the president of Centrum Cyfrowe, a Polish non-profit working to make internet for the people. In recent years, he has been advocating for better copyright in Europe with Communia. His new project is Shared Digital Europe, a co-created vision for European digital policymaking. 

My reading list includes signs of hope: that we can build an indie web with open source solutions, that government regulation can make the internet better, that VR can be more than just hyped up entertainment. I also chose stories about efforts to decentralize the web and give back to users control of their data. I also enjoyed reading about new frontiers of openness. I am keen to understand better the future of open, but also deeply hope that there is a future for the open internet.