The caption: Edoardo Viola. Photo by Alessandra Abis (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Reading List

by Edoardo Viola

Edoardo is a teacher and a developer based in Italy. He claims he is “community addicted”. Edoardo is a Mozilla volunteer,  a member of the Council of the Mozilla Reps, a member of the Campus Advisory Committee, a Regional Coordinator for the Mozilla Campus Club Program, Reps Regional Coach, mentor for the Mozilla Open Leader Program and a member of the global committee for the Internet Health Report.

The web is at risk. We need to take better care of our digital lives. What will happen tomorrow? These articles will help you understand the idea behind the report and more importantly; they will help you understand what is broken so far, so that we can build a better internet for the future. Together, for us, our friends and our children. I’m in. Are you in?