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Esther Mwema. Photo by Hadassah Louis. (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Reading List

by Esther Mwema

Esther is a youth leader focused on gender, safety, digital literacy and grassroots outreach. She is Founder of SAFIGI Foundation and President at Digital Grassroots. She is a Mozilla Open Leader, expert and has served as a fellow for the Internet Freedom Festival, Engineers Without Borders Canada and Internet Society’s Youth@IGF program.

The internet is a futuristic concept happening at present — that is, we are living in the future. A world of all possibilities. My reading list focuses on Internet Freedoms because as we try to ‘manage’ the internet as it evolves, we begin to witness more surveillance, censorship and digital rights abuses. This is a world where the privileged few are trying to control the narrative just as it was before the internet was accessible to half the world's population. Freedom online, reflects freedom offline.