If not a chatbot, then what? The next report is taking shape

Yes, we really did discuss whether there should be a chatbot for the Internet Health Report. However, it seems most of us prefer to hear from humans than robots.

How do we know? Working with the design agency Vizzuality we reached out directly to readers and friends of Mozilla asking for feedback on the first report and ideas for the next. There was a survey, analysis of previous comments, and video interviews with several readers.

We listened, we learned. Here is some of what we are planning:

  • We will go deeper on a few key topics every year
  • We will include more data visuals
  • We are breaking up texts into topic-specific “blocks”
  • Content will be easier to share in social media
  • We will have more stories centered on people
  • You will be able to filter and explore the report in different ways
  • We will offer new ways to engage with the content


In short, the next report is beginning to take shape!

We are currently gathering data and preparing visuals based on your earlier feedback on indicators and comments on the prototype. We’re also asking lots of questions of Internet researchers, fellows and staff from across Mozilla. We’re constantly looking at what are the most important questions surfacing in the past year? So many possible angles!

An improvised “road show” has brought the Internet Health Report to a number of meetings in different countries, including the Internet Freedom Festival, RightsCon, re:publica, CryptoRave, Stockholm Internet Forum, Software Freedom Day, and most recently a Virtual Roundtable on Internet Health (see video) with the Digital Civil Society Lab at Stanford University.

Our next stops will be:


With all these events, new collaborators, and ideas for many more, our small team is looking for a new member. Are you our new Internet Health Outreach Coordinator? Please apply, if you think you are!

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  1. For some reason the box”Leave a Reply” won’t accept me. I just want to thank you all and wish you well. Knowing that you are being eye-balled by the mighty google etc takes some guts. Thank you all

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