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Past Internet Health Report coverage includes:

2019 | CBS News | 2019 Internet Health Report focuses on privacy and artificial intelligence (video)
2019 | CBC Radio | The health of the Internet in 2019: Deepfakes, biased AI and addiction by design
2019 | Fast Company | Mozilla thinks cities can help save the internet from Big Tech
2019 | Venture Beat | Mozilla highlights AI bias and ‘addiction by design’ tech in internet health report
2019 | NetzPolitik (German) | Gesundheit des Internets 2019: Mozilla fordert weniger Monopole und mehr Offenheit


2018 | WIRED | Mozilla Diagnoses the Health of the Global Internet

2018 | Marketplace | The deal we made with our dat

2018 | ZDNet France | L’économie de la publicité est cassée et rend Internet malade

2018 | CBC | The internet has turned into a giant shopping mall

2018 | Bayerischer Rundfunk |  Feuerfuchs macht auf Internet-Doktor

2018 | Al Jazeera | Internet Health Report 2018: The threats faced by online users