Unpacking “Internet Health” around the world

Our hope for the Internet Health Report is that it can be useful to individuals and communities who work on improving the health of the internet around the world.

To help test our assumptions and refine our approach, we have been working with a global committee of internet health leaders who intersect with Mozilla as volunteers.

Every two weeks for the last six months we have been meeting with committee members who took turns hosting events where they live anchored by the Internet Health Report.

In our online video chats we have shared experiences of what it’s like to present the report, how people in different contexts respond to the “internet health” framework, and what participants and opposite ends of the world consider priorities for further discussion.

If you happen to be at Mozfest in London this weekend (Oct 27-28) you’ll have the chance to meet our global committee and join us at “Internet Health Around the World”  in discussing what worked, what didn’t, and what we should do next with the Internet Health Report! 

We also invite you to   visit us in the Internet Research Hub we are hosting on Level 1.

Since the report was published in April, Juma Baldeh (The Gambia), Geraldo Barros (Brazil), Shreyas Narayanan Kutty (India), Solange Tuyisenge (Rwanda), Edoardo Viola (Italy), Monica Bonilla (Colombia), Irvin Chen of Taiwan have brought the report to hackathons, festivals and meetings of digital activists, gatherings attended by internet regulators, regional Internet Governance Forum meetings, university classes and schools, and much more.

We are deeply thankful to this impressive committee for guiding our thoughts and ideas! Together, we will discuss how to approach global outreach and translation for the 2019 report. Should there be topic-specific global committees to discuss local initiatives? Could we imagine what local adaptations of the Internet Health Report would look like?

Your input is very welcome too! If you have used the Internet Health Report in any kind of presentations or classrooms where you live, please share your experience in the comments below or email us privately so we can learn how it was received. Thank you!


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