We’re hosting an Internet Research Hub at MozFest

Next week we’ll be meeting several friends of the Internet Health Report in person during MozFest at Ravensbourne College in London, United Kingdom from October 27-29, 2017.

MozFest is Mozilla’s annual get together of allies and the public to question and explore worldwide opportunities of the Internet. More than a conference, it’s a bustling fair of technology, art, activities and conversations, which this year will be organized according to the five issues of the Internet Health Report: openness, digital inclusion, decentralization, privacy and security and Web literacy, across the eight floors of a design and digital media university.

At MozFest, we’re hosting an Internet Research Hub as a convening space for all researchers of the Internet. We’re circling up with everyone on Saturday morning over coffee, and keeping the space open all weekend for anyone to demo their research. We’ll also be highlighting the dozens of research-related sessions taking place across MozFest on a wall schedule.

Will there also be giant inflatable dinosaurs? Maybe.

In these weeks, we are working on drafting the content of the Internet Health Report and getting specific about how to represent the topics defined in our hunt for indicators.

Throughout MozFest we’ll be sharing our progress and ideas. Come talk to us in the Hub. Check the schedule, and you’ll also see an Internet Health Report Brainstorm where we will discuss healthy and unhealthy trends of the year to include in the next report. Join us!

How to find us at MozFest

The Internet Research Hub will be in an open area on the first floor of Ravensbourne College with signs on the walls, comfortable seating and demo tables for researchers.

Among the confirmed organizations and projects joining us are M-Lab, Global Voices, Ranking Digital Rights, The Internet Society, Aletheia and PREreview.

We begin on Saturday with a “Research & coffee grinder” at 9:45 AM in the Research Hub. The Internet Health Report Brainstorm session will take place on Sunday at 12:15 PM in the library on the 4th floor. If you join the Slack workspace  for MozFest, find us in the #researchhub channel and say hi.

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