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How healthy is the Internet?

Our 2018 compilation of research explains what’s helping and what’s hurting the Internet across five issues, from personal experience to global concerns.


Is it safe?

The Internet is where we could live, love, learn and communicate freely. To be ourselves, we need to be able to trust the systems that protect us.

How open is it?

The Internet is transformative because it is open: everyone can participate and innovate. But openness is not guaranteed – it’s always under attack.


Who is welcome?

It’s not just about how many people have access to the Internet, but whether that access is safe and meaningful for all of us.

Who can succeed?

Getting online isn’t enough on its own. Everyone needs skills to read, write and participate in the digital world.

Who controls it?

A few large players dominate much of the online world, but the Internet is healthier when it is controlled by many.