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The Internet Health Report is about the human experience of the Internet. It is an independent, open source compilation of data, research and stories that show how the Internet is evolving across five issues.

You may know other Internet reports that look more squarely at industry trends and new technologies. This is not our goal.

Working with researchers, digital rights activists, Mozilla fellows and our community, we tell a collaborative story of how the Internet is – and isn’t – healthy from a human perspective.

The Report draws on a wide body of existing research on issues ranging from privacy to connectivity, to online harassment and the economics of online platforms.

Our aim is to connect the dots and look for patterns between these often siloed issues – to look at the human experience of the Internet as a whole.

By doing this, we want to encourage a broader understanding of how the problems facing the global Internet relate to one another, and to shine a light on what people are doing to make the ecosystem healthier.

We, as humans, can change the Internet for the better. This report is a resource and call to action for everyone who is ready, in big ways and small, to take on this challenge.

The “components” of this report can be read in any order. At the end of each, we encourage you to share a reaction and engage with everyone about ideas.

Download the abridged PDF, or explore online.

A prototype of this report was published in January 2017 and was followed by an open, public discussion about metrics, several meetings with allies, and the establishment of a smaller “Report Coalition” to support content creation. Read project updates in our blog.

Visit: Internet Health Report v. 0.1


So many researchers, fellows, writers and allies of Mozilla generously contributed data and ideas alongside countless readers who participated.

Solana Larsen is the editor of this report. Kasia Odrozek is the project manager. Jairus Khan is the outreach coordinator.

Contact us:

Our friends at Vizzuality are to thank for all visual and interactive design, coding and user testing. The Internet Health Report (and blog) is available in English, French, Spanish and German. Translations are by Global Voices.

See the full list of contributors below.



Who controls the Internet?

#Digital inclusion

Who is welcome online?


How open is it?

#Privacy and security

Is it safe?

#Web literacy

Who can succeed online?


If you believe your name is missing from this list, just let us know.

  • Bram Abramson
  • Afef Abrougui
  • Chris Adams
  • Nasma Ahmed
  • Amin Al Hazwani
  • Esra Al-Shafei
  • Sarah Allen
  • Anders S.G. Andrae
  • Alicia Arenzana
  • Christopher Arnold
  • Miriam Avery
  • Renata Avila
  • Juan Barajas
  • Jochai Ben-Avie
  • Owen Bennett
  • Cathleen Berger
  • Lucy Bernholz
  • Vaibhav Bhawsar
  • Ellery Roberts Biddle
  • Björn Boening
  • Mónica Bonilla
  • Ashley Boyd
  • Michael Brennan
  • Marianna Breytman
  • Georgia Bullen
  • Sam Burton
  • Luis Carlos
  • Daniel Caso
  • Chenai Chair
  • An-Me Chung
  • Jason Chuang
  • Henrik Chulu
  • Marc Cloete
  • Arliss Collins
  • Gary Cook
  • Yasodara Cordova
  • Abdoul Coulibaly
  • Lucie Daeye
  • Kelly Davis
  • Laura de Reynal
  • Selena Deckelmann
  • Mariana Delgado
  • Ian Denty
  • Amira Dhalla
  • Luis Carlos Díaz
  • Renee DiResta
  • Hang Do Thi Duc
  • Frédéric Dubois
  • Will Easton
  • Nadia Eghbal
  • Ame Elliot
  • Steven Englehardt
  • Sergio Estella
  • Craig Fagan
  • Amina Fazlullah
  • Alice Fleischmann
  • Mary Anne Franks
  • Georg Fritzsche
  • Denise Gammal
  • Gabriela Garcia Calderon Orbe
  • Ola Gasidlo
  • Julien Gattelier
  • Matthias Gelbmann
  • Jamie Gibson
  • Andrés González
  • Jamie Green
  • Janis Greenspan
  • Lisa Gutermuth
  • Sarah Haghdoosti
  • Lucy Harris
  • Chris Hartgerink
  • Andrew Hatton
  • Michael Henretty
  • Sydette Henry
  • Johann Hofmann
  • Kevin Holesh
  • Caroline Holland
  • Chris Hutten-Czapski
  • David Inga
  • Malavika Jayaram
  • John Jensen
  • Christian Kaiser Aarre
  • Abhay Karandikar
  • Jofish Kaye
  • MJ Kelly
  • Sanja Kelly
  • Jairus Khan
  • Sarah Kiden
  • Franziskus Kiefer
  • April King
  • Alex Klepel
  • Caper Klynge
  • Melody Kramer
  • Travis Kriplean
  • Rebecca Lam
  • Solana Larsen
  • Chris Lawrence
  • Eireann Leverett
  • Josh Levy
  • Anqi Li
  • David Li
  • Clara Linos
  • Ron Littlefield
  • Thomas Lohninger
  • Andrew Losowsky
  • Tiago Loureiro
  • Raegan MacDonald
  • Rebecca MacKinnon
  • Anna Makarudze
  • Vesna Manojlovic
  • Don Marti
  • Adriana Martínez
  • J. Nathan Matias
  • Meghan McDermott
  • Ezzatullah Mehrdad
  • Aphee Messer
  • Peter Micek
  • Craig Mills
  • Marília Monteiro
  • Connie Moon Sehat
  • Eeva Moore
  • Aurelia Moser
  • Andrew Nesbitt
  • Lisa-Maria Neudert
  • Ben Nickolls
  • Kasia Odrozek
  • Michael J. Oghia
  • Sarah Oh
  • Konstantina Papadea
  • Yuhyun Park
  • Melody Patry
  • Eric Petitt
  • Abigail Phillips
  • Daniel Pimienta
  • Clément Prod'homme
  • Margrete Raaum
  • Zara Rahman
  • Simona Ramkisson
  • Lotta Rao
  • Ramy Raoof
  • Faramarz Rashed
  • Pauline Ratzé
  • Benedict Rehbein
  • Eric Rescorla
  • Martin Restrepo
  • Bobby Richter
  • Rebecca Ricks
  • Chris Riley
  • Chris Ritzo
  • Elizabeth Rivera
  • Sara Rivera
  • Jon Rogers
  • Zak Rogoff
  • Melissa Romaine
  • Claudio Ruiz
  • Tiago Santos
  • Amy Schapiro
  • Tabea Schleiweis
  • Till Schneidereit
  • Vojtech Sedlak
  • Larissa Shapiro
  • Kristina Shu
  • Ivan Sigal
  • Phillip Smith
  • Steve Song
  • Shashank Sriram
  • Marcel Stirner
  • Filip Stojanovski
  • Dominik Strohmeier
  • Mark Surman
  • Janet Swisher
  • Sanja Tatic Kelly
  • Tim Taubert
  • Erika Terry Derryk
  • Dhanaraj Thakur
  • Santhosh Thottingal
  • Kadir Topal
  • Claire Ulrich
  • Amba Uttara Kak
  • Ugo Vallauri
  • Lucile Vareine
  • Joana Varon
  • Luis Villa
  • Jesse von Doom
  • Maya Wagoner
  • Amanda Warner
  • Sarah Watson
  • Meredith Whittaker
  • Camellia Williams
  • Matthew Wilse
  • Natalie Worth
  • An Xiao Mina
  • Cori Zarek
  • Kevin Zawacki